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PTV apps sucks so we decided to make a better public transport app for Victorians

Travel, navigate your way through Melbourne and Victoria's public transport system with the best journey planner on the app store.

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Journey Planning in two steps

We fill up your journey plan with the current time and your current location, all you have to do is tell us your destination and click Plan my Journey!

Multiple journey options

We provide you with the quickest way to get to your destination with multiple options based on the mode of public transport you prefer

Date Picker

The current time is already set for you, you can also get instructions on a future dates using the date picker

Journey Details

Our journey details provides step by step instructions with a map to show you how to get to your destination.

Recent Searches/Favourites

Quickly get directions to places you frequent form your current location with one click.

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Melbourne's best Journey Planner

Melbourne Transport app is the best way to quickly travel, navigate through Melbourne and Victoria's publis transport system. We show you how to get to anywhere in Victoria using all forms of public transport including train, tram, bus and v-line services.



Helen H. - Brilliant app

Brilliant app. Tried a different transport app that was absolutely useless. This app very user friendly. Impressed!


Oliver D. - Simply the best

The best transport app I've used for Melbourne yet.


Great App

Great App using it for a long time and enjoy it very much!!

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